Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The vibrant colorful Peacock

The beautiful peacock..

Maybe it is the vibrant hues..
Maybe it is the majestic walk...
Maybe it is the beauty of the eyes...
Maybe it is the lovely feathers swinging and dancing...
Or may be it is just that I am from India... After all it is India's national bird..
Whatever may be the reason, My fascination with this intriguing, elusive creature has its beginning even as a child..

The days when I used to hunt for peacock feathers..
Innocently believing that peacock actually make a little feather if hidden in the pages of an old book.
And then the disappointment when it didnt
Searching for the rare sights of peacocks on our visits to hills around my city.
Hoping that one day I would see a peacock dance in person.
The funny part, is, I did get to enjoy a peacock dance in splendor, with its feathers all  fanned out..
But not in India, but in the San Francisco Zoo..

So it is not a big surprise, that this was one of the first stamps that I got on impulse, as soon as I saw it..
Didn't think how I am going to use it.
Just went ahead and got it.
Every time, I look into my stamp collection, or I should say, the beginning of my stamp collection, this peacock, stared at me, longing to be held, inked and stamped.

And finally I spruced up the courage to use it.
Had a presentation in the morning, which was on a pretty heavy topic.
I sooooo needed a break, unwind, relax... And so I headed to the messes of craft corner, with this stamp in hand.

What happened next is actually a blur..
I remember using various distress inks..
A beige pattern paper with hexagons on it..
Then the peacock stamp.. I had intended to use the black ink for this, but somehow ended up using rhubarb instead..
But was mighty pleased with the result..
Only that, it didnt go with any of the layouts I had in mind..
So I Rummaged thru my stuff and ended up with totally different result than I had envisioned.

Something was missing, and I made feathers with pieces of scraps, mod podged to pieces of brown packing paper cords, Knotted around an couple of diecut's and scripted Mom by hand, a few pearls added and called it done..

I think the card does justice to this magnificent creature.
But will wait for your verdict.

This is my entry to the Hero Arts April Challenge - Just for Her  and Pause Dream Enjoy challenge #7 - Dew Drops
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