Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ruf n Tuf, Valentines Day is not all pink and sparkly

Unexpected peace at home..
The devil went to work
And this card happened..
Ruf n Tuf..
A Guys card.. What do you think?

Rusty hinge distress ink on sparkly cardstock, stamped with coffee brown ink..
Left over scraps, distressed and torn to give a rough edge..
Instead of just gluing them all together, used the mini cloths-pin I was so dying to use..
A similar look for the inside.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

VDay2013 - part2

This one is one of my favorite cards.
I had just gotten the Martha Stewart All over the page rose window punch, and hadnt made a card in a few days.. My BigShot was looking at me, battling her pink puppy eyes.
So I had to just do one card.
And slowly this card fell through....
First I die cut the circle scallop using a BigZ die, in the BigShot.
Using a Fiskars scissors edged the circle.
Dazzled up the Scallop, couldn't wait, so hair-dried it.
Next came the decorations, glued pink heart rhinestones..
Boy, this was tough and definitely needs dainty hands, which who ever knows me, can understand what a mess this step would have been... :-)
A few hearts were scattered throughout my table, and I glued these too..
But the center was looking bare..
So I punched out a smaller scallop circle and cut it, shaped to a flower and added a Heart embellishemt in the center...

And by now, my rose punch, was almost ready to punch me, as I was very busy ignoring her.
And I definitely took time to get the matching paper ready.
(I am still way behind getting the right paper combinations.. Definitely have to catch up on this...)
Once that was done, I punched a little rose window in the bottom corner.
By then, since I had already glued the 2 sheets, it was tad thicker and I had a tough time punch through the layers. But finally got through the layers...
Next was deciding, whats gonna peek out of the window, and decided on the matching scallop Stamp.
Since I dont have a XL scallop punch, I had to cut it out by hand..
And a simple layout for the inside..
Something was missing, and I added a simple sentiment and the Valentine Day ribbon.
And voila, this card was born.
Which was indeed a special moment. :-)
I love this card, how about you?

VDay2013 - part1

Romance and hearts everywhere I turn Valentine's Day is fast approaching.
Everywhere I turn I see pink, red & hearts, and lots of them
And I have been making my set of Valentine cards too.
As I learn how to emboss, diecut and stamp, I am learning through my mistakes.
Few of the cards, turned out better than I expected..
Few turned out nothing like I had imagined..
Few took minutes to be born..
Few took hours of staring at the cardstock not coming together..
And few, very different than what I wanted it to be..

Here's the story behind these cards

This was one of the first I had made.
And took like forever till I got the colors right..
But the verdict was in favor.
The heart stamp is from Stampin Up
And the punches are - EKSuccess heart border punch, a scallop circle punch..

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Left or right, the thing is I gotta brain

For the past few months, handmade cards has taken over me.
My obsession with this continues as I keep making cards.
Each card I make,
Has lots of thoughts into it..
Has lots of trials and errors...
Has lots of learnings...

So starting this blog, to write about each card..
Documenting my journey and passion with handmade cards...

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