Wednesday, January 30, 2013

VDay2013 - part2

This one is one of my favorite cards.
I had just gotten the Martha Stewart All over the page rose window punch, and hadnt made a card in a few days.. My BigShot was looking at me, battling her pink puppy eyes.
So I had to just do one card.
And slowly this card fell through....
First I die cut the circle scallop using a BigZ die, in the BigShot.
Using a Fiskars scissors edged the circle.
Dazzled up the Scallop, couldn't wait, so hair-dried it.
Next came the decorations, glued pink heart rhinestones..
Boy, this was tough and definitely needs dainty hands, which who ever knows me, can understand what a mess this step would have been... :-)
A few hearts were scattered throughout my table, and I glued these too..
But the center was looking bare..
So I punched out a smaller scallop circle and cut it, shaped to a flower and added a Heart embellishemt in the center...

And by now, my rose punch, was almost ready to punch me, as I was very busy ignoring her.
And I definitely took time to get the matching paper ready.
(I am still way behind getting the right paper combinations.. Definitely have to catch up on this...)
Once that was done, I punched a little rose window in the bottom corner.
By then, since I had already glued the 2 sheets, it was tad thicker and I had a tough time punch through the layers. But finally got through the layers...
Next was deciding, whats gonna peek out of the window, and decided on the matching scallop Stamp.
Since I dont have a XL scallop punch, I had to cut it out by hand..
And a simple layout for the inside..
Something was missing, and I added a simple sentiment and the Valentine Day ribbon.
And voila, this card was born.
Which was indeed a special moment. :-)
I love this card, how about you?

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