Sunday, March 3, 2013

Meow with Hello Kitty.

Crazy times galore @work.
All I could think of at home, was actually not to think at all.
And stare at anything I could legally,possibly stare at.Which for most was the blank wall..
For the first time @my life, maxed out my "unlimited" AT&T smartphone minutes..
From one of the spectrum to another, I covered,
- almost 30 hrs of a rendition of Valmiki Ramayana
- 2 seasons of Psych
- Multiple reruns of Thor, Hulk and anything Super Hero
- And much much more.....

Which meant, there was absolutely no crafting.
Finally I had a reason or I should say deadline, to make a birthday card.
It had to be pink, for a little princess.
I had a few ideas in mind, trying my best to start thinking again..

But then turns out the pink princess, is a Hello Kitty Fan.
So my card had to meow..
I dont have any oval punch, or Hello Kitty dies..
So had to draw and cut out the Hello Kitty by hand.
After multiple tries, finally assembled one together.
Turns out, Hello Kitty face is easy than he body.
Really had a tough time with the body.
A couple of MS ribbon punchouts + A red rhinestone and the bow was complete.
A couple of more embellishments and did it come pretty decent???

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