Sunday, May 26, 2013

I made this today

Yesterday night, when I got down to do a couple of pages for my journal, or at least, thought I would do that,
my little one, tagged along, almost in lines of,
Everywhere mummy goes, mummy goes , mummy goes
Nikhil was sure to go..
And saw the paint splat set from Hero  Arts and decided that he wanted to start an art journal and do a page.
Yes, decided, for there it was just conveyed to me, not a request :-)

So I thought I will let him
He chose the splats he wanted, peeled them from the acetate  backing, placed them on the acrylic blocks
Selected the colors he wanted
And Kept the Rocket set from Hero Arts again.
And I suggested the constellation stamp from Rubber Stampede.

And this is the result...

For the entire page, he chose which colors to use, where to stamp..
Inked the stamps himself..
The only convincing I had to do was to stamp the page tab and calender on the same sheet
He wanted to do it on the back.

In a surprise move, he wanted to enter this also in mummy's competition..
Please share your comments, to encourage this little guy.


Leni said...

I really love the result! Great stamps and lovely colors you used! I think you must be proud of yourself AND your mum can be proud of you!

Nithya Sakthirajan said...
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Nithya Sakthirajan said...

Thanks Leni